blz has builtin support for writing tests as of version 2.6. This comes in two different forms.

  • The Test package
  • The -test flag

The Test package

This package can be imported by simply using import Test

It uses a 'Domain Specific Testing Language' to make tests readable.

Currently, all assertions begin with the method expect.

For example, to assert that 2 + 2 is 4, you might use expect(2 + 2).is(4)

More complete documentation of this package will be available closer to the release of v2.6

The -test flag

To run blz in 'test' mode, simply run using the -t or -test flag.

For example, if I want to test 2 files, Math.blz and Net.blz, I'd run blz -t Math.blz Net.blz

This will run every method in these files that starts with test.

For example, Math.blz might have a method such as the following

import Test
    expect(2 + 2).to_be(4)

And running blz with the -t flag will run this method automatically because of the way it is named.